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Paresh Rawal a famous well-known actor in the Bollywood and also the member of parliament of Lok Sabha. He is the representative of Ahmedabad East constituency. Primarily, he is from a Gujarati family putting up in Mumbai. Paresh Rawal is also being awarded Padam Shri. In 1994 he won NATIONAL FILM AWARD. Politically, he is in the favor of BJP( Bhartiya Janta Party). Recently he has twitted about the Statue of Unity and got trolled.

The statue of unity: Paresh Rawal trolled 1
Scrapfilter: Smriti Irani and Paresh Rawal

The statue of unity: Paresh Rawal trolled

On 1st nov 2018, Paresh Rawal delivers a post in the context of the statue of unity. PM Narender Modi inaugurated this on 31st Oct 2018. This sculpture is of Indian freedom fighter Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel in Gujarat.

After the inauguration, all of the rival parties started attacking BJP. All this was for spending such a vast amount on the statue instead to work for the poor and unemployed division of the society.

The statue of unity: Paresh Rawal trolled 2


Paresh Rawal posted on Twitter in support of BJP regarding the statue of unity. The post was “Can’t believe After naming 99 educational institutions, 66 schemes, 26 sports trophies, 17 stadiums, 9 airports/ports, 41 awards, 37 hospitals, 17 national parks, 37 roads, 17 scholarships after Gandhi Nehru Ji family! Ppl have the problem with 1 statue of a man who united India”. After this post has been published there appears a problem to the lovers of rival parties and as a result of which Paresh Rawal is being trolled.


The statue of unity: Paresh Rawal trolled 3

Supporters and the members of the nation reveal their views in their comments. Numerous of them support BJP whereas some of them mention the name of election 2019. One of the members asks Sir जी आपका आने वाला फ़िल्म सर्जिकल स्ट्राईक, कब तक में आजायेगा ???.. 3000 CR is not a deserving amount to spend over a statue. Consequently, this Statue of unity is the primary topic for politics in the country these days.

The statue of unity: Paresh Rawal trolled 6


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