Top 6 most expensive bikes in the world

Bikes are primarily meant for those who have a healthy heart. Riding is a passion and the only rider can accept this fact. Bike Riding is to communicate with the environment with both horsepower and efficiency. Scrap filter has the list of top most expensive motorbikes in the world with their outcomes such as top speed, price, and much more useful information.

Here is the list of Top Most expensive motor bike in the world:

  6.  Icon Sheene

Icon Sheene is built from the inspiration of British professional motorcycle rider named as Barry Sheene. This was the world first ultrabike. This bike carries the engine of 1400cc and thus producing 250 horsepower with the help of Garrett turbocharger which adds a special power in this bike. A torque of 133lb ft is provided by the bike. This bike was in the limited edition and only 52 copies were made. The price range is about $172,000 

Top Most Expensive bike in the world 1
Scrapfilter: Icon Sheene


  5.  Ecosse Spirit

Ecosse Spirit was released in the year 2010. To drive this bike, the rider needs to attend two-week classes to take the company in your confidence. The engine displacement is 1000.00 ccm with v4 four stroke engine type. 6-speed gear is being provided in the Ecosse spirit and the top speed is 370 km/h. This bike is the resulting outcome of collaboration by three of American and British engineers. The price range is about $3.6 million.

Top Most Expensive bikes in the world 2
Scrapfilter: Ecosse Spirit

  4.  Yamaha BMS

The Yamaha BMS owns the engine with the capacity of 1671cc. The engine type is 4 stroke pushrod OHV, air cooled and 4 valves per cylinder which uses 2 spark plugs per cylinder and add more power. Dry sump lubrication technique is being used in the Yamaha BMS. some of the additional features are also being used in this bike such as paint which of lustrous quality and also the chrome work which adds a remark to its beauty. The price range is about $5 million.

Top Most Expensive bikes in the world 3
Scrapfilter: Yamaha BMS

  3.  Ultra Rare Porcupine

Ultra rare porcupine was built during WORLD WAR II. The interesting fact is that only four version is being produced. British manufacturer AJS and BONHAMS built this bike. The first model was named as E90S and later E95 was launched. Previously this was placed in the museum but now it is available for buying also. This Motorcycle carries an engine of 550cc and is claimed to produce 55bhp at 7600 rpm. The price is about $7 million. 


Top Most Expensive bikes in the world 4
Scrapfilter: Ultra rare porcupine

  2.  Dodge Tomahawk V10 Superbike

Tomahawk is the bike which is being designed and built by the company known as DODGE. This is the only bike which is being designed by the dodge. This bike carries an engine of 8.3L. The company claimed that this bike would perform soo well and the expected outcome is 680 km/hr but later it was revealed that the performance is not up to the mark and the real outcome is about 500 km/hr. The price is all about $550,000.


Top Most Expensive bike in the world 5
Scrapfilter: Dodge Tomahawk


  1.  Neiman Marcus Limited edition

Neiman Marcus is the combination of both Power and machinery together. The design structure of Neiman Marcus is such that it seems to be raw machinery which is being fitted on a platform. This bike was designed by Confederate motor co. Steel is being used in the manufacturing of the bike. It was being released in the year 2009. This is the Limited edition with a 5-speed transmission.

Neiman Marcus carries the engine of 1966cc L. The engine type is a 45-degree radial twin, with the top speed of 190mph. The suspension is made up of titanium and aluminum. Wheelbase is 64″ whereas the seat height is 24″ which stats that the seat is in a low position and thus provide comfort to the rider. This is the most expensive bike and its around $110,000.

Top Most Expensive bikes in the world 6
Scrapfilter: Neiman Marcus

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