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Without a villain, a dramatic movie would not be imagined. Villains are the only one in the movie who made suffer each and every character in the Movie. If the Villain wouldn’t be in a story, the hero would not be created. In most of the superhit movies acting of villains is loved by the audience all around the world. 7 of those villains are in our list.

Scrap filter brings you a list of the 7 most loved villains from the World movies

The Joker:

Joker from the movie The Dark Knight(2008) is the most loved and famous character in the world cinema. Joker played by Heath Ledger who was playing a Superhero character for first time in his career. To prepare for this psychopathic character, he locked himself in a room for a month.

the Joker 7 Most Loved Villains from World Movies
Scrapfilter: The joker

When Heath came out, he had discovered different voices to best suited this character. He acted with a charm which makes other actors forget their lines. He made this character immortals but after the movie released, he died.

Lord Voldemort:

Harry Potter is the only movie which has the highest numbers of parts after first movie installment. In these Harry Potter series, various villains were planted. But the most Scariest villain is “Lord Voldemort”.

Lord Voldemort 7 Most Loved Villains from World Movies
Scrapfilter: lord Voldemort

Lord Voldemort character played by Ralph Fiennes who recognized for James Bond movie Skyfall. He appeared in Seven times out of from total Eight Parts of Harry Potter Series. In Harry Potter, the Land Voldemort get his powers if someone say his name. Instead of pronouncing his name, everybody called him The Dark Lord.

Darth Vader:

Star War is a Space Universe fictional movie franchise of US. This was the among first movie of its own type. They also have various different parts and all the part are very successful. The first part was released long back in 1977. Darth Vader is a famous character as he appeared in all the Star war Series movies.

Darth Vader 7 Most Loved Villains from World Movies
Scrapfilter: Darth Vader

Darth Vader earlier was called as Anakin Skywalker and then he seduced by Dark side. This Dark side Transformation named him as Darth Vader. This character was portrayed by various actors as this was the oldest movies.

Agent Smith:

The Matrix is a very popular Science fiction action movie series since 1999 along with two successful parts too. Agent Smith is the main Villain of the Matix trilogy series. Smith is an AI program in Matrix World which bring uncertainty to the simulated existence. He possesses some superhuman power.

Agent Smith 7 Most Loved Villains from World Movies
Scrapfilter: Agent Smith

He can reform himself if he gets killed, he has speed and jumps from impossible distances. He also has the strengths to punch through the cemented wall and others. This Character played by Hugo Weaving in all the Movie parts. Also, Ian Bliss joins for the two other parts of the movie as he resembles with Hugo Weaving.


Magneto is a character from the fictional Superhero movie series. Originally, X-men is a superhuman team from comic books created by Marvel Comics. Magento has the power to control any type of metal. His powers are undefined as he can generate the magnetic force fields.

Magneto 7 Most Loved Villains from World Movies
Scrapfilter: Magneto

He is the most powerful and one of the oldest among all mutant in the movie. His motive is to replace the Human race with mutant and aim to conquer the world. The Magento character is divided into two parts the Young Magento and the Old Magneto. Young Magneto played by Michael Fassbender and old Magento played by Ian McKellen.


Sholay is the longest running movie in India, released in 1975. Gabbar a “Dacoit” in Sholay played by the Azmad Khan who was doing his first movie in Bollywood. He played this character with amazing acting skills and made this character one of the best villain characters.

Gabbar 7 Most Loved Villains from World Movies
Scrapfilter: Gabbar Singh

The movie has some amazing dialogue from Gabbar like “Kitne Admi the“, “Ab tera kya hoga Kaliya“. “Kitna inam rakhe Sarkar humpe” and many more. Sholay is remembered for this cast and the character played by each of the actors.

Ala-ud-din Khilji:

The Last year released Indian Period film “Padmavat” was the most controversial movie of all times. Many Caste groups and organization put allegation on the movie maker that they misrepresenting the historical characters. Ala-ud-din is a Dark Character which is played by Ranveer Singh. He is at no. 7 in our list.

Ala-ud-din 7 Most Loved Villains from World Movies
Scrapfilter: Allauddin khilji – Ranveer Singh

Sources say Ranveer Singh Locked himself in the Room for 7 days to parody this psychotic character. After this movie released, he said in an interview that He had to see the psychiatrist, to get rid of this character. This was the Epic Character played by Ranveer and people loved Ranveer’s acting a lot.

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