Finally the world most awaited Avengers movie Trailer is on air. Marvel Fans are now more excited to see the Movie after seeing the trailers. The anticipated date of movie release is in next year April 2019. There will be excitement, action, and suspense is coming your way but 6 of the facts are here about the Endgame Trailer.

ScrapFilter brings you 6 Facts about the Marvel: Avengers Endgame Trailer

1. Ten years to Marvel Universe : 

Marvel Celebrated their 10 years of Marvels Universe on 7th Oct 2017. If you missed in the trailer, the Marvel Studio includes 10 as “MARVEL STUD10” and 10 marked with red color. When the trailer starts you can see the MARVEL STUD10 comes and flash out with turn into dirt same as the people turn into dirt after Thanos’ finger snap.


2. Hawkeye as Ronin

Ronin can be seen in the trailer who is not other than Hawkeye’s alter-ego character. In the teaser, we can see him fighting with an accuser. His face looks narrate the story behind the transformation of this character.

Probably, due to the Thanos’ Finger snap, he lost his family and that changes him into Ronin. This Character inspired by the comic who was married with the Black widow and a Samurai type of Character. 

Hawkeye 6 Facts about the Marvel: Avengers Endgame Trailer

3. Ant-man returns:

In the teaser, we can see Prof. Banner seeing some pics of Missing Superhero. One of the pictures was of Ant-man also. But Ant-man has shown up at the end of the trailer, standing outside of Avenger facility.

In the last scene of the Ant-man and the Wasp Movie, Ant-man stuck in the Quantum tunnel. Probably, which cause him to skip the finger snap of Thanos’. But we don’t know how he made himself came out of it. 


4. Ironman’s Space Ship :

The very First scene of the teaser featuring Ironman aka Tony Stark in a Spaceship. As we all know, he and nebula survived the Thanos Snap in the Space. And now Tony has shown up with his devastated suit and sending a message to Pepper from a spaceship.

This SpaceShip is the ship of “Guardian of Galaxy” named “The Milano”. 


5. Captain America Back to his Civil War Avatar:

Captain America has now back again with his old look in Avengers Endgame. He is now Clean shaved and in short hair again. We can see, he is wearing a new version of his Civil War suit, which is completely black in color and its different from the suit he wore in Infinity war. 

Captain America

6. Thanos Armour:

We don’t know how much time has passed but we still see him on the same planet where he had transported himself after the finger snap. He apparently took up the farming and he hangs up his Armour and literally made a Scarecrow of it. He still wears the Stone glove, which raises the question “Why he still wearing it?”

Thanos' Armour

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