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People who listen to her amazing voice fall in the different world of fantasies. Her voice is so marvelous that no one likes when Shirley stops singing. Her voice has that charm that she can make a concert completely still, no one prefers to get disturbed by any other sound. Shirley Setia is considered as a god gifted girl who has all the fortunes. Not only this but, she is also blessed with her great looks, perhaps no any language of the world can explain her beauty. Some unknown facts are still there for her fans to know more about her.

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Shirley Setia is a 21-year-old Indo-kiwi singer, entertainer, and songwriter from Auckland, New Zealand. She was born on 2 July 1995.

Here are some amazing and unknown facts about Shirley Setia.


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She recorded her 1 st song “Tum hi ho “ for a competition of T-series. Through this video, she became famous by name “pajama pop star “as she was wearing pajama while recording the song. She won that competition among tens of thousands from around the world.


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According to the Forbes magazine’s Rob Cain wrote a piece on her and about her amazing future achievement recently in which he plighted that ”Bollywood next big singing sensation just might be this tiny kiwi. ”


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Earlier her regular videos uploaded on to youtube which gave her fame through which she collaborated with youtube artists from across the US, UK, India, and Canada. Along with the steps of success, she also climbed the steps of fame. It’s true that every unknown story starts from zero. Similarly, her followers which were just a few initially now range up to 2.6 M on youtube,3.6M on facebook and 4.7M on Instagram.


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From the University of Auckland, she got the degree of commerce and also an intern at Auckland Council in marketing and publicity. She hosted a show called “Showtime with Shirley “ broadcast every Sunday on radio TARANA. Her family inhabitant from Daman, India.
Where she was born but for her father’s business, her family moved to Dannemora East Auckland, New Zealand. After she moved to Mumbai to pursue her dream.

Shirley’s Hit Catalogue

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In 2015, she gave a hit song ‘Naye love ki Subha’. She then created 2 hits with one single album ‘koi Shor’ and then for the movie passengers song ‘Aadat’.

Then she gave back to back 4 hits in 2017 like ‘Disco Disco’, ‘Luv u luv u’, ‘tu jo mila’ and ‘tu mil gya’. And her stars of fortune are also shining brightly in 2018 with recreated song ‘jab koi Baat’ with Atif Aslam, ‘koi vi Nahi’ album song and a whole new world.

Her Achievements

Amazing And Unknown Facts About Shirley Setia achieve

With her hard work, she achieved ‘Big Golden Voice Award’ and ‘Outlook Social Media Awards’ in the category of ‘Big Digital Sensation’ and ‘OSM Musician of the year’ in 2016. And then she won the ‘New Zealand Social Media Award’ in the category of ‘best in music’ in 2017. She recently awarded by the ‘Artist Aloud Music
Award’ for best Hindi music category.

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