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Bumblebee and Aquaman are being released in the same weekend. But the question is which one will win the Box office of that weekend. Would it be the Aquaman, the first possibly successful movie of DC universe besides Wonderwoman? Or would it be the first standalone Transformers movie Bumblebee?

Scapfilter brings you the facts about both the movie so you should make a choice to see your favorite movie win in Theater.

Bumblebee (Transformers):

official trailer video

Transformer comes up with their new franchise Movie “Bumblebee”. Last few movies of Transformers failed to impress the audience. But they hope that this movie would again restore their image. Bumblebee is the standalone transformers movie which takes you in the flashback where the Autobots were searching a place to shelter.


The plot of the movie is in the flashback 1980s when a girl found a Yellow car in the junkyard. The Car is not other than the Bumblebee. After Charlie’s father died, her world goes upside down likewise Bumblebee has also been apart from the Autobots. They both share a common pain, both missed their families.


When Charlie gets to know about the Autobots, they both become friends and getting into trouble. The Movie has a great action sequence between Decepticons and Bumblebee. The Special effect has already seemed impressive from the trailer and along with the superb acting from John Cena and others.


If you are love to see the giants Robots fighting with some special effects and the great fighting and action scene, then this movie is for you.

DC Aquaman:

official trailer video

DC Universe Aquaman upcoming solo movie is all to win the box office. Jason Momoa playing the character of Aquaman and this is his second movie after the Justice League. The Trailer of the movie got a tremendous response on youtube and Jason Momoa is very excited and confident with his movie.


Recently, an extended trailer of the movie launched that describes a lot of thing about the movie. The opening section of the trailer depicted the origin of Aquaman aka Aurther Curry. His father is human and a LightHouse keeper and his mother are Queen Atlanna from Atlantis, played by Nicole Kidman. Queen Atlanna might be banished from Atlantis and then she saved by Lighthouse Keeper Philip Curry.


Next scene showed younger age of Aurther, where we can see him talking with fishes and gets bullied by his Classmate. But his classmates are terrified in the very next scene when they saw the Shark backing up the Little Aurther. Talking with fish is the best-known power of Aquaman from the comic and the cartoons.


Later we see the Adult Aurther aka Aquaman in Action including lots of action scene from the movie. Next came, his Companion “Mera” played by Ambar Heard shown up. She told him about his Half brother King Orm Ocean Master who declared the war between the surface and the water worlds.


Orm wants to destroy the surface world as the surface people polluted the Ocean. The Movie includes various special effects to design the Atlantis an underwater world. Along with the various fight sequence underwater and special effect in the movie.

If you are a DC fan and wants to know about the Aquaman origin and his powers, then you should go for this movie.

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