Honey Singh Yo Yo Honey Singh return on screen with new song "Makhna"

Yo Yo Honey Singh return on screen, featuring in his own song “Makhna” after a long break. “Makhna” song sang by Singing Sensation Neha Kakkar and Honey Singh Together. The video trailer is released on youtube and the storyline of the video is a scene of diamond robbery from an exhibition event.

Scrapfilter brings you a glimpse of YoYo Honey Singh return on screen with new song “Makhna” trailer and other details of the songs.

The Storyline of Makhna Song :

The Trailer starts with an International Diamond Exhibition in New Delhi where people come from all over the world.
The Companion of Yo Yo Honey Singh played by Nidhi Sunil is already present in the Exhibition hall. In Next scene, Honey Singh showed up sitting on a beaching. A Sardar called and told him that he sent all CCTV footage of inside Exhibition.

Honey Singh
Scrapfilter: Return of Yo-Yo

Honey Singh acted as the Robbery Mastermind in this video who sent his robbers to the exhibition. In the Following scene, Yo-Yo asks Nidhi to steal the Diamond and come back to him.

The Robbers enters in the Exhibition center with the masks on their faces. They firing around and came out along with Nidhi after stealing the diamond. A yellow Van waiting for them outside of Exhibition center, they sit in that can move towards Goa and as Honey says them at the end of the trailer video.


Details of Makhna Song :

First time the singing sensation Neha Kakkar and Yo Yo Honey Singh come together within pop album song. They both have their own audience. As they coming together, all audience would entirely be entertained. Other singers of this song are Singhsta, Pinaki, Sean, Allistair.

Neha kakker and Honey Singh

The full video song will be released on Friday 21 Dec 2018. The Music of the song is composed by Honey Singh himself and Lyrics written by Honey Singh & Hommie Dilliwala. Bhushan Kumar produced this song and released under the label of T-series.

Hits songs by YO YO in last 2 years :

Honey Singh has given few other remix songs before Makhna but not came on the screen. These all songs are super hit and proved that the Honey Singh is not out of the league yet. These songs are “Dheere Dheer se”, “Dil Chori”, “Chote Chote Peg”, “Urvashi”, “This party is over now”, Billionaire others. Let see how this song would perform after its release.

T-series Dheere Dheere

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