Rahul gets trolled for his post on twitter

Rahul Gandhi a well-known politician as the President of Indian National Congress gets trolled for his post on twitter. As Congress is not the ruling party at present, therefore, they usually uplift their finger against another ruling party. On 9th January 2019, Rahul Gandhi twitted a quote for PM Narendra Modi for which he gets trolled on Twitter. Scrap Filter contains the news of trolled Rahul Gandhi on his post over Twitter.

Rahul Gandhi gets Trolled on Twitter:-

Rahul Gandhi on January 2nd Twitted that“The Missing Q3! I had held back Q3 because Madam Speaker had said, “no talking about the Goa tape”! But the missing Q3 has become as controversial as Rafale:) So on popular demand: Q3. Modi Ji, please tell us why Parrikar Ji keeps a Rafale file in his bedroom & what’s in it?” As soon as this post is being published, public all across the country reveal their views on this post and finally, he is trolled upon his post.

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Members in a large amount share their views and thoughts about Rafale. Many of them replied “टयुबलाईट L.e.d. के जमाने की” and many of them re twitted “When the speaker asked you to authenticate the bullshit video, why didn’t you do that? Phat gayi kya? Lies as usual, isn’t it? You are the most disgusting person on the Earth.Someone ask “who is Mrs. Gandhi and why her name is being involved in AgustaWestland Scam??”


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The matter of Rafale deal is on boom nowadays for politicians. Rafale deal is the deal of 36 multi-role fighters aircraft. The deal of Rafale was carried up by the ministry of defense at the cost price of 58,000 crores. Various political parties made allegations for this deal. Mainly the allegations were in respect of the cost at which these 36 aircraft have been bought. The base price of the past few years is being carried up and compared with the cost price of these 36 aircraft. This is the only reason for those Allegations.

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