Avengers Endgame

World’s most anticipated movie trailer is already released in the last year Dec 2018. The trailer continues from where the Avenger: Infinity war ends with survived superheroes from the Thanos snap. There are few new casts have been added in the story of Marvel Avengers Endgame.

Avengers Endgame

Scrap Filter: Avengers: Endgame

Scrapfilter is here with the full new cast details of Marvel Universe Avengers Endgame against Thanos.

Brie Larson:

She will be seen in her upcoming movie Captain Marvel in the main lead. She is playing the new Superhero character in the Marvel universe. Brie Larson is confirmed in the Avengers: Endgame as she is the most powerful superhero in Marvel Universe (MCU).

Captain Marvel against Thanos
Scrap Filter: Captain Marvel

Katherine Langford:

Famous Netflix series 13 Reasons why actress will be joining next Avengers Movie. Sources say she will be playing the daughter of Iron man though nothing confirmed. She has played various small parts in the movies, this one is not her first movie.

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Ty Simpkins:

He is the Small child from the film “Ironman 3” who help Ironman in the movie. As per the sources, Ty Simpkins will be going to imitate the younger Tony Stark in the movie. There would be chances of going into the Past where Tony was younger.

New Cast Ty Simpkins
Scrap Filter: Ty Simpkins

Evangeline Lilly:

The Lead Actress from movie Antman and Wasp will be joining the Avengers team. She apparently will also be seen backing them in the battle against with Thanos.The Wasp

Scrap Filter: Antman & the Wasp

Michelle Pfeiffer:

One more Actress probably will be seen in Avengers Endgame from the movie Antman & Wasp. She had acted as the Mother of Wasp in Antman. Her character is yet not confirmed in the movie.

The Wasp' Mother
Scrap Filter: The Wasp’ Mother

Tilda Swinton:

Tilda Swinton played Ancient One the Mentor of Doctor stranger in the Movie Doctor Stranger. Although, she was dead in the film. There would be possibilities she will be seen in Avenger Endgame. Her Character is not decided yet in film.

Ancient One
Scrap Filter: Doctor Strange and the Ancient One

Frank Grillo:

He has played “Crossbones” an MCU supervillain in Captain America: Civil War. According to the Sources, Frank Grillo will be seen in positive avatar this time in Endgame and probably joins the team, Avenger.

Scrap Filter: Civil War villain Crossbones

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