RAFALE Deal: Rahul Gandhi Press conference on Rafale Deal

Rahul Gandhi made serious allegations on PM Narender Modi and Anil Ambani in press conference based on Rafale deal. Rahul Gandhi arranges a press conference on 12th February and revealed some important evidence of this deal. According to Rahul Gandhi Rafal is one of the biggest scams which is being carried out by PM Narender Modi.

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RAFALE Deal: Rahul Gandhi's Press conference on Rafale Deal 1

Rafale Deal:-

Rafale deal is the deal between India and France based on 36 fighter planes. This deal was first proposed in the year 2000 at the time of PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee. The deal was again carried forward by PM Manmohan Singh in the year 2007. Again in the year 2015 when PM Narender Modi was in power. Both the countries India and France announced rafale deal for 36 Rafale jet airways.

RAFALE Deal: Rahul Gandhi's Press conference on Rafale Deal 2
Rafale fighter

Rahul Gandhi’s Press Conference:-

Rahul Gandhi in press conference make some serious allegations by showing an Evidence. He started by saying that “He received an email from an executive member of Airbus company. he has written that there was a meeting between Anil Ambani and France Defence minister in Defence Minister’s Office.

RAFALE Deal: Rahul Gandhi's Press conference on Rafale Deal 3

He further added that Anil Ambani speaks that when PM Narender Modi will be coming to France he would sign an MOU (memorandum of understanding). Anil Ambani’s name will also be included in this MOU for Rafale deal. Rahul Gandhi after this evidence put some serious questions in front of INDIA. The question is:-

  • How is Mr. Anil Ambani meeting Frace Defence Minister?
  • How Anil Ambani is known about the Rafale deal 10 days before the deal?
RAFALE Deal: Rahul Gandhi's Press conference on Rafale Deal 4
Evidence for Rafale Scam

Rahul Gandhi said that Anil Ambani is working as a middle person for PM Narender Modi and France defense Minister. By leaking this important information based on National Security PM Narender Modi has broken the official secrets act and strict action should be taken against him.

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