Lok Sabha Election 2019: Rahul Gandhi’s new assurance to youngsters

Lok Sabha Election 2019 is just one step away. It is going to be one of the most interesting ones for Youngsters. Every political party is trying to win the crowd anyhow. The main fight is between BJP and all other political parties Rahul Gandhi’s Congress.

Lok Sabha Election 2019
Lok Sabha Election 2019: Rahul Gandhi’s new assurance to youngsters

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Lok Sabha Election 2019:-

Lok Sabha election is the most important election. This year Lok Sabha election is being scheduled in seven phases which is from 11th April to  19th May 2019. Counting of votes is scheduled on 23rd May. This will be the deciding day.

Dates of Polling

Every political party is making a commitment in order to gain the attention of voters. All other parties have joined their hands together just to defeat BJP. Therefore these elections are between BJP and all other parties.

Rahul Gandhi’s Assurance to Youngsters:-

Rahul Gandhi is making new promises every new day to the voters. On 28th March Rahul Gandhi declared his new promise for the youngsters of the country. This plan is for those youngsters who are interested in starting their business.

Rahul Gandhi decided to give zero plan for the first 3 years of any business along with the removal of Angel Tax for new business and easy bank credit is to be provided which denotes that Congress is trying to attract young voters towards them.

Rahul Gandhi's Tweet

Rahul Gandhi twitted ” Youngsters, Want to start a new business? Want to create jobs for India? Here’s our plan for you:

1. ZERO permissions for the first 3 years of any new business.

2. Goodbye Angel Tax

3. Solid incentives & tax credits based on how many jobs you create.

4. Easy Bank Credit

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