Narender Modi Narendra Modi 2nd time Will Take Oath as PM on 30th May

Lok Sabha Election 2019 has eventually settled on 19 May 2019 which started on 11 April 2019. Total parliamentary seats are 542 spread over the country. With the end of 7th phase, 59 seats went to polls over 7 states and one Union territory, Punjab (13), West Bengal (9), Madhya Pradesh (8) and Uttar Pradesh (13). Among all states, U.P. seats are most crucial for all the party as the total number of seats here are 80. Exit Polls are here. PM Modi, Akhilesh Yadav, and Mayavati are the contenders.

Uttar Pradesh Exit Polls Full: How much got Modi, Akhilesh, Mayavati

17th Lok Sabha Election result will be announced on 23 May, Thursday. Before that, several Exist poll are aired by various Survey company and most of the Exit polls say the NDA would again come in power. BJA has already claimed that they continue to win with the 300 plus seats under the supervision of Narender Modi.

BJP Exit Polls
BJP: Amit Shah and Narender Modi

Uttar Pradesh has maximum seats in the Lok Sabha which makes it the deciding states. It pronounces who will become the PM of the country. UP can be divided into 4 parts according to their voting seats regions Purvanchal(Seats 26), Bundelkhand(Seats 4), Paschim UP(Seats 27) and Awadh(23).

Paschim UP is known as Jaat Land, also famous for Sugarcane Farmers. The Elections were completed here in the first phase i.e. 11 April. After 2014, Mahagathbandhan which Akhilesh and Maya have pushed back BJP from here. According to Exit Polls, BJP would get 6-8 Seats, Congress 0 and Mahagathbandhan would get 19-21 seats from Paschim UP. If these numbers would be correct then BJP will be in a great loss as they have won 24 seats in 2014 in Paschim UP.


Awadh Region has a total of 23 Lok Sabha seats and in Election 2014 BJP got 20 seats. Exit Polls says BJP would get 7-9 seats from Awadh region, Congress able get 2 seats and Mahagathbandhan would get 12-14. And Bundelkhand has 4 Seats where BJP could get a 0-1 seat, Congress 0 and Mahagathbandhan 3-4 seats.

Now comes the last region of UP Purvanchal which has 26 seats in total and its the second largest region of UP in numbers of seats. It also comprises the PM Narender Modi Parliament seats. As per the Exist polls, Mahagathbandhan would get 16-18 seats, Congress 0 and BJP would get 8-10 seats.

Uttar Pradesh Exit Poll Full: How much got Modi, Akhilesh, Maya
PM: Narender Modi

To summarise the UP Exit Poll here, out of 80 seats BJP 22-24 seats, Congress 0-2, and Mahagathbandhan 54-56 seats. Across the state, the trend seeing profitable toward SP, BSP & RLD together to form, the Mahagathbandhan. BJP would face an issue if the Exit Polls figure comes true as they would be in 51 seat loss compare to 2014 Election.

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