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Lok Sabha elections 2019 result has been announced. Modi Sarkar once again comes in power with a clean sweep win. Congress Party under the direction of Congress President Rahul Gandhi could not able to perform again in this Election 2019.

The Election Polling was begun in April 2019. It took around one and half month to complete the polling and announcing the final result.

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A brief note on the results of Lok Sabha Elections 2019:-

Complete result of Lok Sabha elections 2019 are as follows:-

Lok Sabha Election Results 2019

Result of Lok Sabha elections 2019:-

BJP is the winning party who is going to rule the country for the coming 5 years. PM Narender Modi is one of the most loved and liked political leader not only in the country but also all across outside the World.

Many world power leader praised Narender Modi Political strategy, working style, and Decision Making power. BJP wins with 353 seats which is much more that of expected. It had made history too.

As soon as the result is being announced, a wave of happiness spread in the whole country. Every BJP party workers along with the common people of India assemble outside of BJP Part House. The People of India has chosen BJP and Narender Modi again as the prime minister of the Country.

PM Narender Modi result
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Meanwhile, Rahul Gandhi has also called a press conference at the Congress Party house. He took a chance to congratulate Narender Modi and BJP Party worker on their win. He also accepted their defeat in this Election. On asking about Amethi seat he said, “I accept the mandate given by Amethi People. I appeal Smriti Irani to take care of Amethi with Love”.

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