Feature image Ghosts of 1992 continue to carry on Pakistan, Knocked Afghanistan Out

Pakistan is eagerly trying to qualify for the semifinals. Pakistan has won their last world cup title in 1992. The Ghosts of 1992 to carry this team to win. Pakistan has overcome its trial by death. In the end, Pakistan Knocked out Afghanistan by 3 wickets.

Ghosts of 1992 continue to carry on Pakistan, Knocked Afghanistan Out

Its moment of the ’90s, with a generous number of bravely crazy supporters charging in from the crowd, breaking the security barricade and running onto the field. Some of them get into a scuffle. One Afghan player gets hit. Nabi trips at the boundary before the security – maybe still hungover from this contest – get their act right. And despite all the tackling they’ll face, they have a hero – Imad Wasim.

Ghosts of 1992 continue to carry on Pakistan, Knocked Afghanistan Out 1

Imad just couldn’t read the spin one bit when he came out, couldn’t read a lot of it towards the end of his innings either, but he hung around, waited for the inexperience of Afghanistan to kick in and for them to choke. Oh boy, and what a choke it was. The skipper, Naib, for some reason seemed desperate to over bowl himself in the absence of the regular Hamid Hassan, and Imad feasted.

Pakistan now has moved up to four as Ghosts of 1992 are there .. and they have nearly all their batsmen to thank here. All of them got starts, yes, all of them threw it away, but Afghanistan has run them close, really, really close, only to lose from a point they clearly shouldn’t have.

Ghosts of 1992 continue to carry on Pakistan, Knocked Afghanistan Out 2

Gulbadin Naib | Afghanistan captain:¬†We fought really well, the boys gave their 100%. We missed opportunities to win. Credit to Pakistan, they controlled their nerves. Imad played really well. Shadab did well too, rotated the strike. In this tournament, you’ll face these kinds of situations. You need to work slightly harder to win matches, so we need to improve.

Imad Wasim | MoM: When I went, Rashid was bowling brilliantly. Couldn’t pick him, to be honest. Just hung in there. Decided to play fifty overs. He (Naib) was the only bowler who could’ve been targeted, to be honest. The wicket was turning square. They’ve got world-class spinners. The plan was to attack when fast bowler comes in. Thanks to the crowd. Feels like home here.

Sarfaraz Ahmed | Pakistan skipper: Thanks to almighty. Thanks to all the supporters, they have been cheering us from ball one and I think this is a great win for us. It was not an easy pitch to bat on but, credit should go to Imad for the way he batted till the end. We know it is not easy (the chase) and their bowlers used the conditions very well. We have been batting very well, especially Babar Azam played very well and I think we needed a partner in the middle overs, but in the end, we finished well and knocked them out.

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